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Traditional Service

Co-ordinating activities, rites, ceremonies

  • Professional consultation with licensed personnel, including, but not limited to, expert advice on options to meet your needs
  • Co-ordination of all activities, rites and ceremonies, before, during and after they have been provided, including services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers, such as flowers and death notices.


Documentation – permits, forms, etc

  • Completion and filing of all documents necessary to carry out the services and supplies requested, including, but not limited to, death registration, burial permit, coroner’s certificate for cremation, documentation necessary to ship the body out of the country
  • Provision of Proofs of Death issued by Blake Funeral Chapel (our proofs of death are usually accepted for most estate settlement purposes, but sometimes a provincial “Death Certificate” will be necessary and is available from the Office of the Registrar General)


Transport remains – initial or additional (within 50 km; additional fees apply beyond 50 km,)

  • Transportation of the remains from one place to another, for example the hospital to the business


Basic preparation of remains (requires Facilities for preparation/embalming/shelter)

  • The preparation of the body for placement into the casket, including bathing, dressing and the setting setting of facial features for identification or viewing without embalming.


Embalming of remains (requires Basic preparation of remains)

  • Embalming is the process of replacing blood and bodily fluids with chemical preservatives. It is a process of sanitation, restoration and temporary preservation. Embalming is not legally required, but may be recommended to preserve the body between the time of death and the visitation or disposition of the deceased. Our professional funeral directors will make a recommendation based on the condition of the body and expected service needs. 


Facilities for preparation/embalming/shelter

  • Facilities used to prepare, embalm and shelter the body 


Staff services for visitation

  • Staff to coordinate and oversee the visitation (informal gathering) for a period up to, including, but not limited to 3 hours. 


Facilities for visitation (requires Staff services for visitation)

  • Designated facilities used for visitation for a period up to, including, but not limited to 3 hours.


Staff services for ceremony

  • Staff to coordinate and oversee the ceremony or memorial service for up to, including, but not limited to 3 hours.


Facilities for ceremony (requires Staff services for ceremony)

  • Designated facilities used for the ceremony or memorial service for up to, including, but not limited to 3 hours.


Transport Remains Beyond 50 km

  • Transfers beyond 50 km are charged per kilometer, both ways
  • The transfer cost listed above is not charged in conjunction with this cost


Funeral Coach

  • Used to transfer caskets to the location of the service and the place of disposition


Clergy/Lead Car

  • This vehicle leads the procession to the cemetery as well as transports the clergy person 


Utility Vehicle

  • General purpose vehicle used in preparation for the service


Itemized Total 



Total does not include merchandise or disbursements.

HST applicable.

*These charges are not included in the package price and are only charged if the transfer exceeds 50 kilometers.

Additional Services and Equipment

Funeral Coach to Cemetery

Transport casket to cemetery


Supervision of Committal Service

Staff to coordinate and supervise committal service


Facilities for Viewing the Deceased

Viewing of the deceased prior to disposition


Out of Town Removals

Over 50 kilometers



Includes sandwiches, pickles, pastries, coffee, tea and juice

Staff to coordinate and oversee the reception included


Use of Reception Facility

Family supplies food
Coffee and tea are supplied
Staff to oversee the reception included


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